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Fix buffer pointer handling when logging received bytes Actually save the read buffer pointer so we can log the actual protocol bytes read in all cases correctly instead of displaying out of bounds memory in the case where the packet arrives in multiple pieces.
author William Astle <>
date Sat, 30 Jul 2016 10:35:14 -0600
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The docs/ folder contains protocol documentation for lwwire.

The src/ folder contains a reference protocol implementation. This is NOT
intended for casual users. It is meant to serve as an illustration of how
the protocol can be implemented and serves as a means to test features. The
reference implementation does not contain a fancy GUI, configuration file
handler, or even serial or TCP port handling. It simply operates the
protocol on stdin and stdout and prints diagnostics to stderr. A tool like
socat can be used to link it to a TCP port. Similar tools might be used to
link it to a serial port.